Challenges For Men’s Health In Australia

Australian men’s health is in crisis.

Blokes in remote areas are nearly one and a half times more likely than city blokes to experience depression, and they suffer from a severe lack of mental health services. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ average life expectancy is only 67 years old, a shocking 11.5 years lower than non-Indigenous males, and suicide rates are the highest in the country.

For Australian immigrants, language barriers, unfamiliarity with the medical system and cultural beliefs are preventing them from seeking the help they need. This APS article illustrates that our health system needs to much better to help men doing it tough and stop them from turning to alcohol, drugs and at worst, suicide.

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One of the biggest barriers is the healthcare system itself. Many guys would rather turn to Google than to a professional which they consider is aimed at women. To combat this, some psychologists are experimenting with new styles of therapy based on how men communicate, side by side, like they are watching the footy.

Read this article to find out more about the general state of Australian men’s health and what we can do better to get blokes the help they need.