The Pathway To Suicide

Traditional masculine values like toughness and emotional stoicism, along with the desire not to burden others, are barriers that prevent men from seeking help when they’re struggling mentally. And when men spiral into depression, isolation and onto the pathway to suicide the barriers become even bigger.

In this landmark Black Dog Institute study, the research team interviewed men who recently attempted to take their own lives; and conducted focus groups with their families and close friends.

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The testimonies included in the research paper are emotional and powerful. What becomes clear is how important it is to reach men who are having trouble early on, before they “cross a threshold of despair” that triggers the impulse to self-harm.

The urgency of interrupting the pathway early is magnified by admissions from family and friends that right before a suicide attempt their men seemed happier and calmer, making their suicide attempt all the more of a shock.

So how can we help men before they reach their breaking point? Read this fascinating study to find out more about how to interrupt the pathway to suicide.